About the Freedom Academy

The Freedom Academy helps entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom through mindset and business coaching. We have helped over 100 entrepreneurs successfully reach their goals.

Who we help

We help coaches, consultants and service providers through our coaching programs, which focus on improving mindset and providing practical tools and resources to help entrepreneurs attract new clients and achieve success. We work with people who are committed to growing their businesses and are willing to invest in themselves to reach their personal and professional goals. We're changing education, one entrepreneur at a time.

What we do

We help these founders through training on how to effectively market and sell your products or services, as well as strategies for building relationships with potential clients and partners. We also provide support and guidance to help founders stay motivated and focused on their goals, and we offer a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to learn from and collaborate with. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs achieve the success they desire and reach new levels of growth and profitability. we'll help you take your business from average to epicÅ

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is centered around empowering entrepreneurs to achieve success and attract more clients. We believe that every entrepreneur has the potential to achieve their goals and make a positive impact in their industry and the world. Our 6 guiding principles are:

  1. Results: We believe that entrepreneurship has the power to make a positive impact in the world, and we encourage our clients to use their businesses to make a difference.
  2. Growth: We believe that growth is a continual process, and we are committed to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and reach new levels of success.
  3. Simplicity: We believe that simplicity is key to achieving success and helping our clients streamline their efforts and focus on the most important actions.
  4. Community: We believe that entrepreneurs are stronger together, and we offer a supportive community of like-minded individuals to learn from and collaborate with.
  5. Mindset: We believe that mindset is a crucial factor in success, and we focus on helping entrepreneurs develop a 7-figure mindset.
  6. Action: We believe that action is the key to achieving success, and we provide practical tools and resources to help our clients take action and grow their businesses.

Our Story

Arno Vanmassenhove was 25 years old when he became financially free, but it wasn't an easy road to get there. He used to be the biggest school loser and his parents divorced when he was a teenager. After the divorce he decided to live alone with a roommate, but eventually, his roommate left him and Arno lost his job.

He faced rejection at every interview, with employers telling him that he would never make €1800/month without studying for 7 years. Although he knew this wasn't true, he still became a weed and game addict. He even atempted suicide, but was fortunately stopped in time.

After this, Arno moved to Spain and was lied to by a business partner. After this, the pandemic began which led to the failure of his video production company. But Arno didn't give up and started the Freedom Academy. Through the power of mindset and business, Arno paved his way to ultimate success.

Through practicing what he preaches, this education was the most valuable path ever. It wasn't easy, it was painful but the lessons were absolute gold and the reason of the big impact of the company and the customer results.

The rest was history, as Arno helped over 100 people and changed and saved many lives. Today, he's financially free but he's also humble and genuinely happy.

He creates close relationships with entrepreneurs within his mastermind, where he helps to start and scale their businesses, and his success story has inspired countless people across the world. All of this happened in just 4 years of persistence, ups and downs, but always moving forward.

Are you ready to grab the pen and write your own success story with us?

Our Team

Contacting Us

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